Living Mary Lincoln
Pam Brown

First Lady of Controversy

Mary Lincoln was more than a First Lady.  She was also a wife and mother.  She was intelligent, political, funny, depressed, loving...and, she was loved.


If you are looking for a guest speaker, my presentations are intended to bring Mary to life, expressing all the facets of who she was.  A few of the most requested are:

"Now and Forever" set April 14, 1865 ~ Mary is preparing for the theater.

"Taking Leave" set May 22, 1865 ~ Mary is leaving the White House for the last time.

"The Ultimate Betrayal" set fall 1876 ~ Mary discusses her institutionalization. 

Several more......



Korin Beckham ` Producer, Director, Writer @ Freelance

Thank you Pamela for being our Mary Todd Lincoln on set in Galesburg Illinois. The shoot would not have been the same without your commitment to historical accuracy and dedication to the role.

~Korin Anderson 

Leigh Steiner ~ The College for Behavioral Health Leadership

Pam almost embodies Mary Lincoln. Not surprising considing the massive research and extensive experience performing Mary in a variety of roles. This is typical of the detail and intensity that Pam puts into her work both on and off stage. She is a dedicated actress and professional colleague to all of those who work in the theatre. Her performance of Mary Lincoln has helped to humanize and "make gentle" the life of this important historical figure. 

Dennis Rendleman ~ American Bar Association-Center for Professional Responsibility

Actually, the categories are too narrow. I have appeared on stage w/ Pam and have seen her work as both an actress and a director. As both an actor and a director I give her the highest of recommendations. As Mary Lincoln she presents a complete person, not a caricature. Pam brings to life a complex and deeply emotional character with patience and humanity. I would have no hesitation to engage Pam. 

Fritz Klein ~ famous Lincoln presenter

Ms. Brown is a capable and convincing professional who as Mrs. Lincoln is one of the best I have worked with. 



"The Last of Mrs. Lincoln"

A two act play being presented at Theater in the Park, New Salem, IL, June 7-10, 8pm curtain.  Tickets can be reserved/purchased by calling the box office (217) 632-5440...groups of 10 or more can purchase a block of tickets with a discount.

The production covers the last seventeen years of the life of Mary Lincoln after the assassination of President Lincoln...from her first move to Chicago, to her insanity trial, to her death in the same house she was married in.  A very moving, and heartbreaking production...with a little humor tossed in.  Come and remember this wonderful woman.

Summer events

I will be portraying Mary Lincoln at the Lincoln Home National Park on Fridays and Saturdays all summer starting June 8 through August 11 from 10am - 3:30pm...presentations at 10:30 and 12:30.  Hope to see you there.  Introduce yourself, and let me know you saw my site!


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Living Mary Lincoln

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